Little dog,

big friendship.

Little dogs provide a lot of pleasure. And they have their own requirements when it comes to nutrition and care. You can find out here what they are and what you should be aware of.

Little dogs' particular requirements.

Little dogs have high energy requirements, which need to be covered by their food. Especially in the winter, there is a lot of heat loss due to the relatively high surface to body size ratio. Despite this, the fat content cannot be
too high as the little ones are more susceptible to weight gain.

Naturally, the morsels cannot be too big, however they must be adapted to the animal‘s small jaw and snout

True beauty comes from within.

Alongside care such as brushing and bathing, you can ensure supple skin and lovely fur with the correct nutrition for your little bundle of joy. Ideal for this are constituents such as essential fatty acids from particular oils, selected trace elements and vitamins.


The need-oriented solutions from SELECT GOLD XS Complete or XS Sensitive for nutritionally sensitive dogs.

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