Together through

thick and thin.

A tasty treat here, a rewarding snack there, and before you know it your four-legged friend can no longer keep up when playing fetch. Discover the key points behind managing your dog’s weight and what you should bear in mind.

A balanced diet.

Choosing the right amount of food all comes down to your dog’s individual energy and nutritional requirements. This is all dependent on breed, age, weight and level of activity. With this in mind, and taking all of these factors into consideration, we‘ve listed the recommended daily servings for all products in detail on the SELECT GOLD website.


Weight loss made easy.

A lack of interest in exercise, a deteriorating condition and ribs that are difficult to find are sure-fire signs that your dog is overweight. If this is the case, the specially developed nutrition from SELECT GOLD, in combination with adequate exercise, can help get your dog back to his or her ideal weight – and maintain it.

Our recommendation:

With its reduced fat content, not to mention dietary and plant fibres, SELECT GOLD Light can keep your dog feeling fuller for longer.

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