Together through

thick and thin.

A cute little look, an adorable mew, a gentle snuggle… cats definitely know what strings to pull when it comes to getting treats. But before you know it, the pounds are piling on pretty quickly. Discover the key points behind managing your cat’s weight and what you should bear in mind.

Roaming outdoors – playing indoors.

There are plenty of reasons for and against giving your cat free rein to roam where he or she pleases. This is something you have to figure out for yourself. But whatever you decide, the fact remains that outdoor cats are on the move much more and manage to stave off obesity on their own. If you have a definite house cat, however, you should take the time to play with him or her for 30–60 minutes at least three times a day to ensure your pet gets the physical activity he or she needs.



Help with losing weight.

If your cat is already overweight, then you need a dietary solution that helps to break down fat while also building up muscle. Meals should also be served in several small portions throughout the day.


Perfect for achieving the ideal weight:

SELECT GOLD Light with reduced fat content, Indoor for house cats, or Sterilised for spayed/neutered cats – available in dry or wet food options.

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