Cute, clumsy, adventurous: puppies are. a little ray of sunshine. Find out now what is important in the breeding and how to correctly take of care them.



Look forward to unforgettable moments when your puppy moves in. In particular, the initial period is a very formative period for every moment that is to follow. You can encourage good environmental and social behaviour through outings to get them used to strangers, other animals, smells and sounds. Puppy play classes at dog clubs communicate the correct pack behaviour early on. Anyone experiencing this much requires nutrition that provides a whole lot of energy. Growing puppies firstly need nutrition with biologically wholesome protein, vitamins and minerals.


The best for puppies is nourishing milk from their mother until the end of the 6th week of life. However, sometimes the puppy needs to be hand-reared due to certain circumstances. In this event, the ideal alternative is the SELECT GOLD puppy milk. From approx. the 4th week, initially parallel and then alone, a special mousse from SELECT GOLD can be fed to the puppy. From the 8th week, SELECT GOLD Junior dry and wet food is introduced. This can support resilient intestinal flora and encourage the harmonious growth of bones, teeth and muscles.



The extensive milk set, soft mousse and Junior nutrition from SELECT GOLD.

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