Cute little fur-ball: nothing is sweeter than a newborn kitten. Discover now what to look out for when rearing and how to correctly provide for them.


Look forward to unforgettable moments when your kitten moves in. Make sure to kitten-proof your home so that the little fur-ball can move around free from risk. It’s best to get your kitten used to being handled early on with cuddles and playing. This makes it easier further down the line when maintaining claws, fur, teeth and for vet visits.

Experiencing so much requires a diet that supplies a whole lot of energy. Growing kittens firstly need a diet that is biologically wholesome with protein, vitamins and minerals. The mother’s milk is best for the kitten until the end of the 6th week of life.




However, due to particular circumstances the kitten must sometimes be hand-reared. The SELECT GOLD kitten milk is suitable for this. From approx. the 4th week, a special kitten food by SELECT GOLD can be fed in parallel. From week 8 the SELECT GOLD kitten dry and wet food is introduced. This can support a harmonious intestinal flora. Additionally it can promote optimal development of the immune system, as well as of the bones, teeth and muscles.


The extensive milk set, baby cat & mother as well as kitten food by SELECT GOLD.

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