A house cat’s


Exploring, hunting, climbing and playing are all very much in your cat’s nature. But house cats are restricted in how much they can pursue these natural instincts. To make sure your cat doesn’t get bored, we’ve put together a few great ideas that will also keep your cat both mentally and physically fit – even around the house.

Every cat plays differently.

Start by finding out what games and activities your cat likes best. Challenges that promote curiosity and creativity are perhaps the most important pursuits to consider. This is where 'brain-training' toys are ideal, as they reward your cat with a tasty treat for solving a puzzle. Other well-received toys include those that move, roll or rattle in various different combinations.

Playing together is best.

Games you can both get involved in are not only the most fun, they also develop that strong, special bond between you and your pet. Just remember to stop playing before your cat loses interest. Keep him or her occupied for short bursts and repeat this at regular intervals. Don’t forget to make sure you always have a tasty treat ready to reward his or her good work.

The perfect spoils:

The new SELECT GOLD Sensitive dry food, available in a wide variety of different flavours.

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