4 walls,

100 possibilities!

If you’re at home with your dog, there are a few great ideas you can try to keep him or her both mentally – and, more importantly – physically fit. This isn’t just beneficial in terms of keeping his or her weight down, but also for strengthening your bond with your pet.

On your paws, get set – GO!

Build your own mini assault course at home. It could be a slalom, a see-saw or tyres – let your imagination run wild. The more varied the obstacles, the greater the challenge will be – and the more fun your dog will have! Guide your dog calmly through the obstacles with clear, focused signals. Don’t forget to reward him or her with a little treat at the finishing line.



Hide-and-seek and puzzles.

Hide a few little treats in various spots around the house. Give the command and the exciting treasure hunt begins! Over time, you can even start to choose more unusual and challenging hiding places. You may also want to consider a ‘brain-training’ toy for dogs, such as those with chambers you can fill with snacks that are then hidden one by one. If your dog has been watching carefully and identified the correct chamber, he or she will be rewarded with the tasty treat at the touch of his or her paw.

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